Clutch Gaming’s Next Best Caster Competition

Clutch Gaming’s Next Best Caster Competition

Who Will Be North America's Next Best Caster?

Clutch Gaming is excited to announce a new competition for aspiring League of Legends shoutcasters during this 2018 NALCS Summer Split: Clutch Gaming's Next Best Caster. Our goal is to give League of Legends fans an opportunity to become a professional caster through winning this competition. There will be a series of Clutch Gaming Academy games casted by you, the fans, and after multipile rounds, a final two casters will be chosen as winners. The initial cut will be made by the Clutch Gaming staff, but everything after that will be voted on by the fans. For submissions, there are three categories of caster: color, play by play, and solo. So whether you bring flavor, analytical commentary, or you can do it all, feel free to submit a demo cast.

There will be many prizes given out, with certain tiers of prizes for all submissions, the top 8, the top 4, and the final 2. These prizes include peripherals, Clutch Gaming gear, and for the two winners, a chance to cast our Thursday Night Academy matches. Top 2 winners will receive a Corsair Prize Pack and the chance to cast a Clutch Gaming Academy Match!

Top 2 Will Win:

Top 4 Will Win:

Top 8 Will Win:

The following is a detailed schedule of the competition:

For the initial submissions, all competitors will cast either their choice of high ELO soloqueue game, any previously recorded cast, or one of Clutch Gaming Academy's summer split games from weeks 1-2. Recordings of these games will be posted on YouTube with links to them on Clutch Gaming's social media. Do not worry if you do not have a duo partner to cast with even if you are not a solo caster. That will be taken into consideration during our initial internal voting process.

To record your initial submission, it can be as simple as recording a voice memo on your phone, laying that audio over the video of our game, and uploading that video as an unlisted YouTube video. Then, email a link to the video to with your caster name, what type of caster you are submitting as (color, play by play, or solo), and a brief bio of yourself as a caster.

All of the initial casting submissions will be run through an internal selection process with the Clutch Gaming staff, who will select the top 8 submissions. These top 8 casters will then go on to the next few weeks of practice casts.

The next three weeks (weeks 3-5) will be practice casts in which we will randomly pair the final 8 up with each other in four duo casts. There is no voting or elimination during these weeks. They are just so the top 8 may get used to casting alongside another caster. Further information as to how you will go about recording and streaming these practice casts will be provided in further updates.

For the remainder of the competition, the fans will vote. There will be links to voting websites where the fans vote on their two favorite casters of the week. Also, so that you don't have to watch the full casts, there will be a highlight video created for each game's casts with the voting links in the video descriptions. Out of the top 8, the 4 with the most votes from week 6 (the first week of voting) will proceed to week 7. Then, from the top 4, the two casters with the most week 7 votes will be selected as winners. The two winners will then cast Clutch Gaming's week 8 academy game together.

By entering this competition, you give consent to Clutch Gaming to use your submitted content in videos and other Clutch Gaming content.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions. For more information, view official rules.

Thanks and happy casting!